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teeth whitening faqs

How bright is your smile? People hate the idea of having a yellow and dingy smile, and they are looking for methods to improve the look of their grin. Many people turn to tooth whitening products they find in the store, but these do not usually do a very good job. The best option is to talk with a cosmetic dentist about the options. Our dentists in Brea can help you to find the procedure that is right for you. Check out the teeth whitening FAQs there too, as they can provide you with more information.

Teeth Whitening FAQ #1 – Does It Last Forever?

One of the questions that many people want to know is if they get the treatment once, will it keep their teeth bright and white forever. The answer to this is no, it will not. The procedures can make your teeth white, but over time it will fade. This is natural because you are still eating and drinking. You can slow the fade by avoiding foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. However, you will eventually need to have the procedure again.

Teeth Whitening FAQ #2 – Does It Work on Implants?

If you have implants and crowns, you need to be aware that it does not work on these items. It is only going to work on your natural teeth. Your crowns and implants will not stain either, so they may already be whiter than the surrounding teeth.

Teeth Whitening FAQ #3 – Can I Use OTC Products?

While you have the choice to use over the counter products for teeth whitening, you need to be aware that they do not work as well as professional services from a teeth whitening specialist. They might get rid of some surface stains, but they will not be as effective.

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