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teeth whitening facts

Many people like the idea of having their teeth whitened so they can have the bright and beautiful smile that they once had or that they have always wanted. Of course, these people also want to know more about the process and what they should expect. Fortunately, teeth whitening is quite common today, and it is easy to learn the most important teeth whitening facts so you have a better idea of what you can expect.

Professional vs. Over the Counter

While you can find whitening toothpaste in the store, and it can work to help you remove some of the surface stains from your teeth, it is not professional treatment. The treatment you can get in the dentist’s office, along with the tooth whitening trays they can give you to take home, can provide you with the professional whitening you need.

Is the Treatment Permanent?

While the treatment can last for several months when you continue to take good care of your teeth, it is important to remember that the whitening is not permanent. Eventually, stains will return to your teeth. It is natural. Of course, when that happens, you can simply get another treatment. By eliminating the foods and drinks that stain the most, such as coffee and tea, from your diet, and with proper dental care, you can extend the life of the whitening treatments.

Is It Expensive?

You will find that the treatments offered by cosmetic dentists for tooth whitening are very affordable. In fact, they are some of the most affordable of any type of cosmetic dentistry choices available.

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