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Invisalign clear braces are a revolutionary tool in the world of cosmetic dentistry, and it is unfortunate that we often hear so many misconceptions about Invisalign. As your cosmetic dentist in Brea, allow us to clear up some confusion surrounding this excellent orthodontics alternative.

Invisalign Is Just as Effective

We do not know where the myth that Invisalign is not effective came from, but it is a huge misconception. Invisalign works differently from metal braces and other traditional orthodontics treatments, but that does not mean clear braces do not work at all. In fact, millions of patients around the country have proven this misconception about Invisalign to be totally wrong.

Invisalign Can Be Covered by Insurance

Not all dental insurance is the same, but many more of our Brea patients than you may think have had Invisalign covered by their insurance. Because Invisalign is considered an orthodontics procedure that is just as effective as metal braces, most insurance companies that cover one type of braces will also cover the other. We can help you find out if your insurance will cover clear braces from your dentist in Brea.

Invisalign Is Easy to Maintain

Yet another misconception about Invisalign is that the clear braces require a lot of maintenance. In fact, most patients come into the office about once every four to six weeks during the treatment to have the progress checked and to get new aligners. Aligners are typically changed every two weeks. Other than removing your aligner to eat and brush your teeth, and being careful to clean your aligner when you brush, there is really no other special maintenance.

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