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Invisalign factsAre you tired of hiding your smile because you are embarrassed by it? As your preferred dentist in Brea, Dr. Grant Burdick at Designed Smiles wants to discuss the different kinds of cosmetic treatments and orthodontics available. While many patients hesitate to consider orthodontics because of age or professional issues, it is important to take some time to discover the facts about popular treatments, like Invisalign facts, if you want the full picture.

After all, many people describe the orthodontics treatment known as Invisalign as clear braces. This, however, is not accurate. Unlike braces that use wires and brackets, and which are glued to the teeth, making it very tough to brush and floss, and eat or speak, Invisalign is entirely different.

Simple Invisalign Facts

To begin with, when you meet with our Invisalign specialist, they will be able to begin assessing you and discover whether you are a candidate for treatment. If so, they can then do all of the necessary measuring, mold-making and other documentation needed by the Invisalign laboratory to make your set of customized aligners.

How many aligners will you need? That varies, and is one of the Invisalign facts many get wrong. It is not a fixed number, and you will need to change the aligner every two to three weeks as your teeth are moved into better positions.

Of course this leads us to some of the most relevant facts, which include:


Invisalign is often thought to take longer than standard braces to achieve the same goals. This is not the case and this form of orthodontics may even be faster, completing the transition in six months to two years. They also require fewer visits to the office, no adjustments and much less time performing hygiene.


This is an important point where Invisalign facts are concerned, so let’s be sure you understand. Classic braces use wires and brackets that take a lot of time to clean properly, and flossing can be very difficult, too. With aligners, you simply remove them to brush and floss, like normal. You can then clean the aligners in moments, too and be on your way.


Finally, this form of orthodontics allows you to live life like normal. No one knows you are having straightening, you don’t have to change your diet at all, you can comfortably wear the Invisalign gear 22 hours each day, and even talk, laugh and speak like before.

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