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Benefits of Denturesbenefits of dentures

Is there are way to wipe the slate clean once your oral health has gotten to a very difficult level? Designed Smiles in Brea, CA is happy to offer our patients just such a clean slate through the use of dentures. The ultimate in restorative dentistry, the many benefits of dentures cannot be ignored. While some patients have a bit of an outdated view of dentures, we want to briefly examine their many benefits to show why they are such a great option.

The Loss of Teeth

As your dentist in Brea, we are going to do all we can to help you save your natural teeth. This is because those teeth can give you a certain level of health as well as a good quality of life. Yet, there are times when the benefits of dentures outweigh the benefits of struggling to keep natural teeth. Fortunately, as one of the more sophisticated forms of restorative dentistry, dentures are found in many varieties. There are full and partial dentures, implant supported dentures and more.

While this alone proves that they give you many options, which is certainly a benefit, just consider these benefits of dentures, too:

They let you eat and speak just like before

With teeth that are at risk for loss, you are unable to eat or speak comfortably. Without teeth, the same issues occur, yet dentures enable you to do everything and with great comfort and ease

They are customized to your gums

Whether you are using full or partial dentures, they will be made specifically for you, and will never slip or fall out during use. They will be optimally comfortable and over time you can have them adjusted with any changes in your mouth.

They are anti-aging

When you lose too many teeth, it causes the soft tissue of the face to fall in on itself, artificially aging you. The presence of teeth ensures the face is supported, and that no lines, wrinkles and downward forces make you appear far older than you are.

They improve quality of life

Naturally, one of the most important benefits of dentures is that they allow you to eat a diverse diet, speak like always, be without embarrassment at the loss of teeth, and keep your remaining teeth or gums in the best condition. This means they just enhance your quality of life in general.

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