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Benefits of Dental Veneers

Does it seem impossible to have a new smile with just two visits to our office? If you are a candidate for porcelain veneers, it is completely possible! Dr. Grant Burdick of Designed Smiles in Brea, CA provides a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments, and this includes dental veneers. A fast, long-lasting and effective way to address a long list of issues, the benefits of dental veneers are extensive.

As your preferred dentist in Brea, we can consult with you about porcelain veneers or other options available from Dr. Burdick, a cosmetic dentist. A good candidate for veneers is someone with mild to moderately gapped or misaligned teeth, teeth of uneven size, gummy smiles, teeth that have been chipped or cracked, and teeth that are so deeply discolored they won’t respond to whitening.

This proves that one of the key benefits of dental veneers is that they can address so many different issues, but that is not where the benefits end. Among the other benefits of dental veneers are:

They look and work just like natural teeth

You won’t have to change your diet or be constantly worried about veneers because they are bonded to the teeth and are made of long-lasting and durable porcelain.

They resist staining

Another of the best benefits of dental veneers is that they will resist stains from things like cola, coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and medications. That allows you to stop worrying about lifestyle habits that can affect your teeth’s good looks.

They are easy to care for and maintain

Simply brush and floss, get regular cleanings and exams, and that is it!

They are fast

In just two office visits you can overcome that one oddly discolored tooth or get an entirely new smile!

There are so many benefits to be gained through the use of veneers, and they go beyond the cosmetic. After all, if you rely on them to improve the looks of chipped or cracked teeth, the bonding process actually stabilizes and strengthens the damaged tooth, meaning they are partially restorative too!

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