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misconceptions about dental implantsWhile we understand that the idea of getting something surgically implanted into the jaw sounds intimidating, as your dentist in Brea, CA, Dr. Grant Burdick at Designed Smiles wants you to learn the many misconceptions about dental implants in order to discover just how amazing and beneficial they can be for your oral health.

Fear and Implant Dentistry

We so often hear patients express fear about dental implants, and we understand why they might have such feelings. After all, we are well aware of the many misconceptions about dental implants. While their earliest days (roughly 30 years ago) saw implants as a challenging procedure, the technologies have advanced to such a degree that implant dentistry is seen as one of the most success forms of restorative dentistry. Not only successful, but incredibly beneficial because it preserves gum and bone tissue while maintaining your healthy bite!

Let’s take a few moments to debunk those different misconceptions about dental implants and help you make the best choices:


We just touched on this, but it is important to be clear about it. They have a 95% and higher rate of success, making them a very wise choice when replacing a missing tooth or seeking restorative dentistry.


While most major dental treatments involve a bit of swelling and discomfort, implant dentistry is no more painful than any other type. Anesthetics are used to numb the area, and those who want sedation dentistry can request it. However, there is no tremendous pain involved during the procedure, and only a bit of swelling and tenderness in the days immediately afterward.


Another of the great misconceptions about dental implants is that they take enormous amounts of time to implant and to heal. However, patients who come to our dental implants specialist leave with a temporary crown and will generally be able to have permanent crown within a few weeks.


As one form of restorative dentistry that preserves bone and soft tissue as well as the bite, they are effective and available to almost anyone. Even patients with inadequate bone can have treatments to make implants successful.

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