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candidate for dental crownsDr. Grant Burdick at Designed Smiles in Brea, CA wishes for all our patients to understand the importance of dental crowns. As one of the most beneficial and commonly performed treatments in restorative dentistry, there are still many misconceptions about dental crowns that should be cleared up. As your preferred dentist in Brea, we want you to have all of the options available, and this is why we will spend a bit of time considering dental crowns.

Crowns are misnamed, a bit. They are not like a crown worn on the head of a royal, which is really just a giant band of precious metal. Instead, they are more like caps. This is why they were once described using just that term, but were most often thought to be a cosmetic treatment to cover stained, damaged or unsightly teeth. That, however, is not their only use, though it can still be one of the misconceptions about dental crowns.

No, dental crowns are primarily a form of restorative dentistry, meaning they are used to bring a tooth back to its original, functional condition. The most common reasons we will recommend them as a treatment to our patients, include:

  • Deep decay that cannot be remedied with a traditional filling or which requires too much tooth material to be removed
  • Damaged teeth that will not be treatable with bonding or fillings
  • Deeply discolored teeth that will not respond to whitening
  • For a tooth treated with a root canal
  • As a replacement for old, metal or amalgam fillings that are both weak and prone to failure
  • For a lost tooth treated with a dental implant

As you can see, they offer a huge range of solutions, and any misconceptions about dental crowns should be recognized in order to see this remedy with the value it deserves. So, just what are the misconceptions? They include:

Looking fake

Today’s crowns, when done by our dental crowns specialist look exactly like natural teeth and are impossible to tell apart.

Painful procedure

The placement of a dental crown is painless. Not only will the area be numbed but the tooth will have already been treated, and any issue causing pain alleviated.

Short term solution

If treated properly, a dental crown can last decades, especially if you brush and floss daily, get regular cleanings and checkups, and address any further issues with the tooth

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